About the WarBeard Project

The WarBeardProject is a lifestyle apparel company founded on the principle that no American veteran should be left on his or her own when it comes to dealing with the wounds inflicted whether or not the wounds are visible.  Ian is a US Air Force veteran who deployed during Desert Storm with a provisional intelligence unit and suffers from depression, anxiety, and PTSD.  He knows first-hand what the wounds of war feel like when you’re left on your own to suffer in silence.  The WarBeardProject gives him a voice to let all veterans know that they are NEVER ALONE!  A portion of the proceeds from each sale will be donated directly to Veteran Outdoors (http://veteran-outdoors.com) to help with their ongoing mission to get veterans outside and active!  22 US veterans a day give in to the war within, and we all need to work together until 22 is none!

The story behind the pink mohawk:  April is a breast cancer warrior and all-around Wonder Woman!  While going through chemotherapy, she lost all of her hair.  Ian had intended to shave his head in support, but thought that everyone would simply think he was a bald guy with a great beard.  While in the stylist’s chair, he had the idea that he should do something that would signify support and the pink mohawk was born!  It has since become kind of a trademark with friends, family, and neighbors commenting when the pink fades out that the ‘pink is gone’.  Now it has become the trademark for the WarBeardProject!